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Mentor a child to protect the threatened National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

Save Children Save Environment

Children Conservationists Programme (CCP) mentors children between 8-22 years old to conserve the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves around them. To achieve this, CCP is partnering with national and local governments, different organizationsreligious institutionscompanies and celebrities. CCP is therefore creating strong working relationships with these in each country where we work (Uganda, Rwanda and DRC).

Our fantastic partners share our CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME vision and are actively involved in collaborating on various elements of our programme.

Partner with us to conserve the National Parks and Wildlife  Reserves for the present and future generations.



GOLDEN TREKKERS AFRICA supports CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME extensively, both directly and in-kind. The majority of the administrative and operational costs to run the CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME are covered by GOLDEN TREKKERS AFRICA and some Safaris guests are generous donors to the programme.


Earth Joys Bazaar is an online marketplace designed to help small retailers to find customers.

United States


Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre (RSTC) is a company that was formed to take the work that TJX Europe had been doing in the Rwenzori region, from aid to trade. Since 2008, parents from 12 hard to reach school communities have received support to engage in the trade of locally grown cash crops like coffee, cocoa, and cotton and craft making

Make a gift to protect Africa’s most vulnerable species.
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