Entrepreneurship Skills

Mentor a child to protect the threatened National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

Save Children Save Environment


CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME supports the youth school dropouts living within 10kms the national parks of Uganda and Rwanda by training and equipping them with practical, vocational and business skills. The youth are the main destroyers of the parks and nature reserves around them. When they are left redundant their only means of survival would be to encroach and destroy these important natural habitats. We therefore identify, assess and enroll youths that dropped out of school into our program to train them in vocational skills to enable them have alternative income generating activities by training them in selected enterprises. Our enterprises include; handcrafts making, Bee keeping,  mushroom growing, Tour guiding, tailoring, saloon, bakery, tree nursery establishment and Agri-business enterprises. Where possible we provide the trained youth with start-up kits.

Make a gift to protect Africa’s most vulnerable species.
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