Conservation Ambassadors

Mentor a child to protect the threatened National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

Save Children Save Environment


It is vital for the long-term success of conservation initiatives that strengthen links between people living in communities and the adjacent game reserves, building a connection between people and nature. This promotes empathy and understanding to develop between these two spheres and importantly, highlight opportunities for interested individuals to engage with wildlife and conservation. The conservation ambassadors do play a critical role in narrowing this gap and supporting conservation efforts. In order to support our aim of conservation we need to encourage children and young people to become familiar with wildlife, organizing practical actions and awakening their need to know more about them. Therefore, the CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME has introduced conservation ambassadors who will be stationed in different parts of the world to add their voice on conservation of National Parks and Game Reserves.

Roles of Conservation Ambassadors

  1. Promote conservation of national parks and wildlife through children using outreach programs with school children and learners of all ages to educate them about conservation, connect them to the wild world, and inspire them to protect the planet.
  2. Encourage interventions and activities among children that lead to the conservation of national parks/wildlife, e.g tree planting, etc
  3. Mentor children and contribute to their mind set change towards loving wildlife and protecting them.
  4. Motivate school children to get to know the wildlife through practical and appealing activities.
  5. Motivate parents and teachers to support children in their conservation activities as part of their everyday lives.
  6. Generally extend the voice of conservation of national Parks and game reserves.

CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME will create a platform for all conservation ambassadors to be sharing experiences and updates about Conservation from different parts of the world.

You can join any of the 3 categories of conservation ambassadors by contacting us on

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