Conservation Clubs

Mentor a child to protect the threatened National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

Save Children Save Environment

Throughout the year, we operate Conservation-Clubs in rural schools in the communities with which we work. They follow a structured curriculum, providing all learners interested in the environment a chance to meet, learn, discuss and expand their knowledge of biodiversity conservation and related issues. Children and youth participating in the camps are selected from Conservation-Clubs blended with a few others from the community to ensure that conservation efforts have a multiplier effect and increase in the number of children/youth who join the conservation clubs.


  • Conduct children/youth conservation seminars.
  • Conduct community tree planting
  • Outdoor and indoor conservation games.
  • Conduct conservation debates and quiz.
  • Inter club conservation learning visits.
  • Conduct cinema shows on conservation.
  • Conduct conservation Art activities


CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME supports Children to create sports teams around Uganda and Rwanda National parks with the objective of sensitizing the communities on conserving the national parks. In Rwanda, 2 soccer teams for the youth living in 10kms of Akagera National Park consist of the Lions FC from the Eastern part of the Park and Buffalo FC from the Western side of the Park. In Uganda, the soccer teams consist of Lions FC from Queen Elizabeth national Park and Gorillas FC from Bwindi Impenetrable National park. We organise competitions between the teams and invite different conservationists to talk about conservation of the Environment.

The aim of the soccer competitions is to sensitize people living near the parks on the importance of conserving the biodiversity around them. Each football team comprises 23 footballers. These players are supported with sports attire branded with conservation messages.


The CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME creates awareness on the conservation of national parks through music dance and drama. Music, dance and drama is a very entertaining way of communicating a message. We work with local drama groups and mentors the youth and selected schools near the National Parks of Uganda and Rwanda to form music dance and drama groups that compose songs and write drama scripts about conservation. The drama groups are both for school going and non school going children.

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