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Mentor a child to protect the threatened National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

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This is our VIP team, CCP bestows people as honorary ambassadors after recognizing their contribution, more especially financially in a bid to spread the message of conservation.

It is vital for the long-term success of conservation initiatives that strengthen links between people living in communities and the adjacent game reserves, building a connection between people and nature. This promotes empathy and understanding to develop between these two spheres and importantly, highlight opportunities for interested individuals to engage with wildlife and conservation. The conservation ambassadors do play a critical role in narrowing this gap and supporting conservation efforts. In order to support our aim of conservation we need to encourage children and young people to become familiar with wildlife, organizing practical actions and awakening their need to know more about them. Therefore, the CHILDREN CONSERVATIONISTS PROGRAMME has introduced conservation ambassadors who will be stationed in different parts of the world to add their voice on conservation of National Parks and Game Reserves.

Becoming a honorary conservation ambassador

For someone to become a honorary ambassador, they need to make a financial contribution towards the development of CCP in mentoring the young people to conserve the national parks and wildlife reserves per present and future generations. To conserve our National Parks and Forest reserves, for the present and future generations, you can contribute as an individual, company, group, or organization.

Roles of  Honorary Conservation Ambassadors.

  • Hold charity activities for CCP conservation efforts.
  • Sign conservation autographs.
  • Promote the good image of CCP.
  • Honorary membership may be revoked if after investigations it is established that the member is corrupt, conducts him/herself in a manner that tarnishes the image of CCP.
  • Be encouraged to make material and financial contributions in form of donations to CCP.CCP is proud to have very supportive honorary ambassadors with strong passion for conservation. We are happy to introduce the following Honorary Conservation Ambassadors;

Mr. Jean François  – Honorary Conservation Ambassador (Canada)

From Canada, loves travelling, wildlife and conservation. 

Francois and his wife Marie offered to fund a school study tour to national parks every year. Every year more than 50 children enjoy game drives and conservation education sessions in the national park. 

Hon Alex Ruhunda –  Honorary Conservation Ambassador (Uganda)

Professional Background

Hon. Alex is the former President of the International Association for Community Development (IACD) a global network over 1200 members in 54 countries worldwide. Alex is also the founding Director of the Kabarole Research and Resource Centre(KRC) which works with thousands of grass roots families and organizations in Uganda, founding chair of the Uganda Governance Monitoring Programme(UGMP)- a forum that brings together advocacy organizations in Uganda. He is currently the Member of Parliament for Fort Portal Municipality, the Chairperson Rwenzori MPs Forum, Vice Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Trade, Tourism and Industry and a patron of over 40 NGOS, CBOS and SACCOS. Ruhunda is also one of Uganda’s Leading business men, owning a chain of businesses, that include a blog Communications company, DAJ Communications. He Holds A Masters Degree in Gender and community Development as well

In his capacity as an area member of parliament, Hon Alex led CCP to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA ). Hon Alex built synergy between CCP and UWA and this enabled CCP to obtain a waiver on entrance fees during study tours for our children to the national parks. We are now in the process of developing an MOU with UWA to formalize our collaboration. 


Mr. Daniel Walk – Honorary Conservation Ambassador (Germany)

Daniel lives in Germany. He is husband, father of 4 and born-again Christian.

International Senior Executive

During his 21 years in the international capital equipment industry, thereof 16 years serving as CEO and CFO, he transformed multiple companies in alignment with market changes applying his leadership and analytical skills. Daniel is an inspiring and encouraging team player able to build strong teams and help individuals to grow towards their full potential.

Yimuka Co-Founder: At the halftime break of his business live, Daniel started the business Yimuka with his partner Klaus. Yimuka has companies in Germany and Uganda. The purpose of Yimuka is to impact people in Uganda through creating local jobs and to impact local tree population. The two key strategies are exporting products and services to Germany and supporting local startups through business advise and financing in close collaboration with local partners. Yimuka´s targets are: 1.000 jobs and 10.000 trees in the first 1.000 days.

Daniel is working with CCP to create jobs for the youth living around the protected areas to support them become self-sufficient and less dependent on the protected areas. 

Marie Dr. Marie-France Côté (Canada) -Honorary Conservation Ambassador

Dr. Marie-France Côté obtained her PhD from the Quebec (Canada) faculty of    veterinary medicine in 1996. Becoming a vet is not her only big accomplishment, she  is also businesswoman as she owns the clinic that is situated in the province of v Quebec (Canada) where she has been practicing medicine for small animals for the  past 22 years. She is passionate about all types of animals, but primates hold a special  place in her heart. Growing up, her mentors were: Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Dian Fossey and finally Dr. Birute Galdikas. Dr Marie had the privilege of meeting Dr. Goodall and Galdikas. Stopping at nothing, Marie has travelled in Rwanda, Uganda and Borneo so that she could see as many primates as possible at a close range. During her visit to Rwanda, she toured the Volcanoes National Park to spend time with the mountain Gorillas. There she met an exceptional guide that was passionate about animals, the environment and had the willingness to make a difference in the world that surrounds him. The guide that day was Vincent Twagirayezu. Since then they have become friends. ‘It is an honour for me to be part of such a great project

Dr. Marie and her husband Francois offered to fund a school study tour to national parks every year. Every year more than 50 children enjoy game drives and conservation education sessions in the national park.

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