Conservation Champions

Mentor a child to protect the threatened National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

Save Children Save Environment

Naturally, children are curious beings and to increase their interest in nature conservation, it is imperative that a conservation reward system is developed.  This conservation reward system cultivates a remarkable passion and intellect in promoting wildlife and habitat conservation early in the children’s formative years. Therefore, “conservation champions” is a rewarding system where outstanding pupils are appreciated for their achievements in nature conservation. Students/pupils will be selected from the schools within 10kms around the national parks and wildlife reserves of Uganda and Rwanda.

To qualify for a conservation champion, conservation activities and competitions are organized, such as debates on conservation, sports, quizzes and music dance and drama with a message on conservation. The children that stand out during these events become conservation champions.

The conservation champions participate in creation of awareness on national parks and wildlife conservation among other young people through different media channels like radios, Television, etc. Every year the conservation champions are recognized with prizes to motivate them and encourage others who wish to become conservation champions. They will also be offered a visit to one of the senior conservation offices in the country. Since these are rural children, they will be offered a city tour to improve their exposure.

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