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CCP Conservation Talk Shows
In our effort to conserve the national parks and wildlife reserves for the present and future generations, CCP has started an exciting YouTube Channel airing our conservation talk show with Elizabeth Jorgensen as host.
The aim of the channel is to discuss issues affecting conservation, and how best the national parks and wildlife resources can be conserved with the involvement of school children living 10kms of these resources.

How the Talk Show is Organized
CCP is working with different stakeholders and experts in conservation to conduct the talkshow. The talkshow is organized into episodes and so far, the following episodes will be running (though not in this order): Biodiversity Hotspots in Uganda and Rwanda
Conservation Issues facing Uganda and Rwanda Today

Do you wish to participate in the talk shows? here are simple rules to guide you as you prepare your ultimate talk show:

Host and guest must try to divide speaking time equally as much as possible;
Guest should just be themselves, so be natural;
Clothing attire should be business casual;
Background should be uncluttered;
Guest and host need to stay on topic;
Topics stay on conservation;
No bad words, racism, nor derogatory language are allowed.

If you wish to be part of the shows, Please Contact the Children Conservationists Programme

Investing in Nature
Interesting Field Projects In Conservation
Agriculture and Conservation
Natural Forests and Their Functions in Conservation
Let’s Talk about the Man-Made 6th Extinction.
Innovating with Business Conservation
Community Conservation and Livelihoods
Let’s Talk About the Ocean Saving Elephant

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