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Uganda is home to the largest freshwater lake on the continent and significant biodiversity, but its rich natural resources are threatened by a push for development to serve a growing population. We are helping to realize a prosperous Uganda in which wildlife and healthy ecosystems are the bedrock for community and national development through people-centered conservation, policy development, and protected area support.


Our work reflects a holistic strategy that includes:

  • Community empowerment, especially through livelihoods development and human-wildlife conflict mitigation
  • Technical support for the creation of Uganda’s first community conservancies
  • Community/private partnerships to enhance community resilience and quality of life
  • Counter-wildlife-trafficking support to protect threatened wildlife

Currently, we operate in four landscapes that together are home to elephants, gorillas, chimps, and other endangered species.

CCP in Action

Providing opportunity for people and gorillas

Providing opportunity for people and gorillas

Amazing Partners

Our beloved partners and clients that have stood with us towards achieving our major goals and objectives.

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Wildlife We Are Protecting

We’re supporting and mentoring young people to be conscious of the wildlife and landscapes around them. Many wildlife species benefit from our conservation interventions in this landscape such as Mountain Gorillas, the golden monkey, spotted hyena, buffalo, savanna elephant, black-fronted duiker, and bushbuck, birds etc.


Vincent Twagirayezu

CEO-Children Conservationists Programme 


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