Education Support

Save Children Save Environment

Under this programme Children Conservationists sponsor vulnerable children and the youth who live in conservation surroundings or their vicinity to undertake education. Supporting the children and the youth to undertake education relieves biodiversity stress that would be exerted on the environment if they were unable to access education and they rely on it for their livelihood. Major focus for the youth education support is focused on providing funding and scholastic for school going children around the National Parks of Uganda and Rwanda.The Children Conservationists Education and empowerment programmes allow children to experience nature up close. By providing opportunities to explore natural habitats, children will be able to connect to the plants and animals that live in their area. Students who learn through hands-on outdoor lessons better retain and understand scientific concepts. Our hope is that these early experiences with nature will inspire them to become supporters and stewards of the environment as they grow into adults and become parents themselves.


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